Walk of Life & Health Fair

The Annual Walk of Life & Health Fair is held each Fall to enhance awareness of heart disease and raise funds in support of the Reh-Fit’s cardiac health services. The Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada (CHFC) donates matching funds to participating Centres across Canada based on the number of participants who attend each event.The event is part of a national walk organized by the CHFC. Hosted by more than 25 Centres, the Walk of Life attracts over 50,000 participants, and raises $1 million toward Cardiac Health Services nationally.

Since October 2005, when it was first held at the Reh-Fit, the event has attracted more than 550 supporters and raised over $90,000.00.

Walk of Life:
Take Your Heart for a Walk in support of cardiac services at the Reh-Fit!

Health Fair:
The Health Fair is an annual event that attracts hundreds of people and features a diverse range of health and wellness products and services. It is also a great opportunity for members of the community to learn about new developments in the health care field and speak with specialists about their health issues.

As an international model of excellence in medical fitness facilities, the Reh-Fit sees the role of the Health Fair as an important community service and health promotion opportunity. The Centre’s vision to provide the best health care information to the community continues to be at the forefront.

Through the Health Fair, we hope to raise funds and awareness of the importance of health education and chronic disease management at the Reh-Fit Centre.