More education, training, and support are required for the growing number of people in the community challenged with obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and other health concerns.

Educational Workshops

Each month, the Reh-Fit Centre offer health, fitness, and nutrition education seminars that address current health care issues and offer down-to-earth guidelines for healthy living.

Fitness Workshops

Get tips for our professional staff and learn how to use that equipment that you are too afraid to touch. We offer workshops monthly such as, Benches & Bells, Ultimate Abs, Foam Roller Clinic, and Off Season Golf Training.

Health Screening Clinics

From testing your blood pressure and determining your BMI to knowing the risks of Peripheral Arterial Disease, the Reh-Fit offers a variety of health screening clinics throughout the year to help you identify and control your risk factors.

Active Aging Week

During Active Aging Week in September, we offer older Manitobans education seminars and opportunities to attend various activities, to help them get active or stay active and link them with resources in the community.

Exercise is Medicine

Exercise is Medicine promotes the finding that physical activity, the the right doses, is unparalleled in its ability to prevent and treat chronic disease. During May, which is Exercise is Medicine month, we offer education presentation on the benefits of exercise and run weekly fitness challenges to help stress the importance of 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a week for health benefits.

Smart for Your Heart

During Smart for Your Heart month in February, the Centre delivers presentation on preventing and managing cardiovascular disease, the world’s leading keiler. We also hold a Community Open House with a “heart challenge” that offer visitors a cardiovascular assessment that measures their blood pressure, body mass index, and “heart age”.

Speaker Series

 Throughout the year, the Reh-Fit Centre partners with various organizations to offer a variety of guest speakers who make presentations based on their leading edge ideas, reputations in the field, and relevance to members and the community.