Establish and reinforce your weight goals for a lifetime! Programs offer you hands-on education, physical activity, coaching, and nutritional consultations. If your goal is to lose weight, come experience the important elements of weight and lifestyle management and feel supported on your journey.

 Healthier Weigh

This award-winning program is for people looking to lose a significant amount of weight. Our team of professionals works with you to make sustainable lifestyle changes. Participants meet twice weekly, once for education and group discussion and one for group workouts.

Kick Start to Weight Loss

Participants, who have a BMI of 25 – 29.9, meet once a week for a weigh-in, group workout, and motivational discussion.

Nutrition Counselling

 Our dietitians provide one-on-one nutrition counselling to target your specific nutrition needs.

Culinary Programs

Spice up meals and eat healthier with ideas from our cooking classes. Register for program such as Healthy Mediterranean, Portion Distortion, Label Reading, and Fat or Fiction.

Group Fitness Classes

We offer over 90 group fitness classes per week included with membership. Adding group fitness classes into your weekly routines can give your workouts the variety they need to keep them fresh and exciting.