Canada’s First Certified Medical Fitness Facility

It was nearly four decades ago that the Reh-Fit first opened its doors when a few bold doctors thought that exercise might be good for their patients. It turns out those forward-thinking doctors were right. Exercise is good for all of us, and it’s one of the most important things we can do for our health. As Canada’s first certified medical fitness facility, the Centre has helped thousands of Manitobans to build healthy lifestyle habits that improve their quality of life while relieving pressure on our health care system. It’s what sets the Centre apart and is at the core of the Reh-Fit’s belief that exercise is medicine.

The Centre offers a variety of programs and services designed to help your patients manage as well as prevent chronic disease, and identify, manage, and reduce health risks. Regardless of the program they attend, there are key principles our team includes in our programs – the latest practices in literature, behaviour change strategies, self-management, progress tracking, measurement of outcomes, and ongoing support and guidance.

At Reh-Fit, your patients will receive expert guidance through active support, comprehensive programs, and the individual attention of health professionals. Clients have access to a team of nurses, physiotherapists, fitness professionals, massage therapists, and dietitians.

Collaborating with the Health Care Community

The Centre collaborates with health care in a variety of ways:

Reh-Fit Exercise is Medicine Program

To ensure your patients live their best life and feel better, consider referring them to our Reh-Fit Exercise is Medicine Program, which is a one-time, eight-week program designed to help your patients get started with exercise. The cost of this program is $100. Reh-Fit Exercise is Medicine  begins with a health screening to determine baseline health measurements for your patients, which is then followed by both pre- and post-assessments.

Click here for more information about Reh-Fit Exercise is Medicine Program.

My Health Team

The Reh-Fit is part of the Fort Garry/River Heights My Health Team, which is a team of health care providers that work together to plan and deliver services for a geographic area. The goal of these teams is to leverage and build on existing services and enhance them so that people in the community are offered more coordinated and comprehensive care. The Reh-Fit has always been focused on providing the highest quality of service to the community, and our partnership with My Health Team will do this more effectively.

Electronic Medical Records/eChart

The Reh-Fit is part of a provincial initiative to improve patient care. We use Electronic Medical Records, which contain all of a patient’s medical history, as well as eChart, a secure, private lifetime record of an individual’s health history for a consolidated view of a patient’s health information.

Medical Guidance

We are fortunate to have Dr. Thang Nguyen to advise us on the Cardiac Rehabilitation program and emergency policies and procedures at the Centre. The Reh-Fit Centre’s Medical Advisory Board, consisting of 14 physicians from a range of specialties, points out gaps in community health and fitness programs that we could fill.

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