Restore Your Health Programs

From disease prevention to management programs, choose from a variety of programs to help you self-manage your condition. Financial assistance may be provided based on individual need and availability of funds. Please register early as instructors require time to assess individual participants and make program adjustments based on personal needs.

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation: If you have recurrent angina, arrhythmias, recently suffered a heart attack, or undergone heart surgery or coronary angioplasty, cardiac rehabilitation can help. These programs will help you to understand and reduce your risk factors for heart disease, provide you with the information to eat healthier, identify ways to reduce stress and anxiety related to rehabilitation, and help you to build a healthier lifestyle. Cardiac Rehabilitation information sessions are held weekly on Thursdays at 2:00 pm and every other Friday at 5:30 pm. Register for an information session by phoning 204-488-8023.
    • Healthy Partners: If you are looking to participate in the Cardiac Rehabilitation program with your spouse/partner, join the Healthy Partners program.
  • Healthier Way: Nutritional guidance, group workouts, and continuous support provide you with the positive reinforcement and accountability you need to make healthy behaviour changes for a lifetime.
  • Improve Your Balance and Mobility: Falls Prevention: Did you know that 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 and living independently fall each year? This program is targeted toward those individuals looking to improve their balance and prevent falls.
  • Lean, Kean, Kidney Machine: This physical activity and lifestyle awareness program offers exercise and education for people with all stages of chronic kidney disease. Meet once weekly for education and exercise session.
  • Moving Forward After Cancer: Participants will learn ways to address common post treatment stressors and health concerns, as well as how to foster healthy eating and exercise lifestyles as they transition back to life beyond cancer. The Reh-Fit Centre is offering the Moving Forward After Cancer Wellness program in partnership with CancerCare Manitoba with the support of the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation. For more information and to register call CancerCare Manitoba Patient & Family Support Services at 204-787-2109.
  • PACE: People with Arthritis Can Exercise: This low-impact class includes health and education, movement activities, range of motion, and strengthening exercises and can be delivered standing or sitting, whichever is more comfortable for you.
  • Pathway to Fitness: Exercise for Stroke and Other Neurological Conditions: Improve your quality of life through and exercise program designed to work with the challenges of neurological conditions.
  • Post-Op Knee Rehabilitation Program: This program will help you maximize your range of motion and regain strength through a combination of exercise and physiotherapy. Click here for more information about our Post-Op Knee Rehabilitation Program.
  • Post-Op Hip Rehabilitation Program: This program will help you maximize your range of motion and regain strength through a combination of exercise and physiotherapy. Click here for more information about our Post-Op Hip Rehabilitation Program.
  • Shoulder Rehab Program: Join our group shoulder rehab class. This small class is instructed by a physiotherapist who will take a maximum of 5 participants through a series of shoulder strengthening and range of motion exercises tailored to each participant’s unique needs.
  • Stronger Hip and Knees: Are your daily activities are being limited by hip or knee pain, or are you scheduled for a hip/knee replacement, or have you undergone a total hip/knee replacement? This class will take participants through a series of strengthening exercises, specifically targeted at making your hip and knees stronger.


Canada’s First Certified Medical Fitness Facility

It was nearly four decades ago that the Reh-Fit first opened its doors when a few bold doctors thought that exercise might be good for their patients. It turns out those forward-thinking doctors were right. Exercise is good for all of us, and it’s one of the most important things we can do for our health. More info…

As Canada’s first certified medical fitness facility, the Centre has helped thousands of Manitobans to build healthy lifestyle habits that improve their quality of life while relieving pressure on the health care system. It’s what sets the Centre apart and is at the core of the Reh-Fit’s belief that exercise is medicine. Our medical fitness certification assures clients that we meet the highest global standards for programs, staff, safety, and community service.

The Reh-Fit is a place for people who want better. It’s a place for people who want or need to make lasting, positive changes in their health and in their lives. It’s a place for people who want an improved quality of life for themselves and those around them.

The Centre offers an inter-professional collaborative health and fitness team, along with a Medical Advisor and Medical Advisory Committee, who offer professional guidance and expertise that inspire people to exercise safely and effectively. Together we are committed to creating a community of support that is built upon a foundation of innovative and personalized services.