Proper nutrition is essential to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

It can help you increase energy levels, combat fatigue, improve athletic performance, maintain vitality, and achieve your fitness goals. Individual nutrition consultation sessions are a unique opportunity for you to meet with a registered dietitian to target specific needs. Most extended health care insurance plans cover the cost of a registered dietitian.

Individual Consultation Session

This is a half-hour or one-hour session with one of our registered dietitians where you discuss your personal goals, review your food habits and lifestyle, and devise personalized strategies for healthier eating. Appointments can be made at the Reception Desk or by calling 204-488-8023.

  • Dietitians can show you how to balance your meals for energy and vitality, and get you on the right path to meeting your goals.
  • Find out how you can make your nutrition plan work, with practical tips on cooking, shopping, and eating in restaurants.
  • Are you on a specialized diet and having trouble figuring out how to get your eating habits in line with your doctor’s advice? A consultation session can help you develop your own comprehensive food management plan.
  • Subsequent individual consultation sessions build on the results of earlier sessions, with in-depth looks at your plan, how well it is working, modifications for improvement, and techniques for applying it successfully.
  • All Reh-Fit members receive the one-hour session of this individual nutrition service, once a year, as part of their membership.

Group Services

Our group nutrition programs and seminars are available throughout the year. Here is a sampling of programs we’ve offered in the past:

  • Need More Fibre in Your Diet? – Discover the potential for using dried beans, peas, and lentils in everyday meals.
  • Cooking on a Shoestring – Healthy eating can be tasty and affordable. Watch as dishes are prepared, taste the results, and learn tips for shopping economically.
  • Grocery Store Tours – 90-minute tours with one of our registered dietitians. Learn to decipher the information supplied on food packaging, and identify ways to make wise food choices at the grocery store.

Customized Seminars

Consider one of our high energy, practical nutrition seminars for your group. Our registered dietitians will tailor the presentation to your company, group, or sports team’s requests. Basic nutrition, nutrition for weight loss, and preventative nutrition are among the more popular topics we cover in customized seminars.