Our assessments give you an awareness and understanding of the factors that have an impact on your health and how to control them. Our skilled team is here to help you achieve success. Whether you have been at the Centre for a week, a month, or a year, we encourage you to take advantage of our assessment services to receive an overall view of your health and fitness.

Health and Fitness Assessment

The health and fitness assessment provides you with a comprehensive look at your overall health status. The results of your assessment serve as the basis for developing your fitness program. Track your progress and document your achievements through an annual assessment:

  • Aerobic Capacity – Measuring aeorbic capacity is important to see how efficiently your body can exchange oxygen to the muscles. Good cardiovascular fitness reduces the risk of heart disease, other hypokinetic conditions, and reduces the risk of early death. Low cardiovascular fitness is associated with greater disease risk and is independent of other risk factors.
  • Balance – Living independently and maintaining your balance go hand-in-hand. one third of Canadians over the age of 65 experiences a fall, and the number one reason a senior is hospitalized is the result of a fall. Through monitoring we can provide exercises and information on how to maintain and improve balance.
  • Blood Work – Blood work at the Reh-Fit includes checking your lipid profile, fasting blood sugar, and hemoglobin. Knowing your blodd test results will help guide you to make lifestyle changes to maintain optimal health.
  • Flexibility – Fliexibility is needed to perform everyday activities with relative ease. Flexibility tends to deteriorate with age often due to a sedentary lifestyle. Being flexible significantly reduces the change of experience occaisional and chronic back pain. By measuring and identifying tight areas, we can recommend stretches that will help reduce or prevent ailments.
  • Muscular Strength/Endurance – Measuring your upper and lower body strength/endurance can help identify weaknesses that can lead to imbalances and potential injury. Based on these findings, we can recommend exercises to help strengthen target areas.

To book an assessment, stop by the Reception Desk or call 204-488-8023.


  • Included with membership


  • Full assessment without 12-lead graded exercise test – $150


Make the most of your membership and book your assessment today! It’s a great way to inspire and motivate you to continue on your journey to wellness and healthy living.

“It was like something I’d expect to get at the Mayo Clinic – didn’t realize it would be so comprehensive.”
– Jeanie Jordan

InBody Analysis

The Reh-Fit Centre is pleased to provide a machine that analyzes body composition like none other. The InBody uses “bioelectrical impedance” technology to provide a quick, non-invasive and accurate analysis of your body fat, lean body mass, and hydration levels. The machine sends a non-detectable current through precise points in the arms, legs and core. Passing through muscle, fat and water at various rates, the current accurately records body composition far beyond the capacity of a regular body mass index (BMI) measurement.


Understanding your muscle and body fat analysis and measurements will get your fitness program off to a good start.  With the InBody assessment, you will receive a thorough report and explanation of your results, including:

  • Lean body mass,
  • Body fat mass,
  • Body weight,
  • Blood pressure, and
  • Basal metabolic rate.

The InBody machine will suggest how much muscle and fat you should gain or lose to achieve your ideal body composition. It will also measure your basal metabolic rate to help you know how many calories to consume daily for optimal health.

The InBody test with a fitness consultation takes 30 minutes and is as easy as standing on a scale with handlebars. Call 204 488-8023 to schedule your appointment.


  • InBody test and fitness consultation       $40.00
  • InBody Test only                                          $15.50


  • InBody test and fitness consultation      $45.00
  • InBody test only                                          $20.00
Postural Assessment

Posture is the foundation to all movements. An ideal neutral pose is perfectly aligned and balanced. Age, poor posture, stress, and bad habits can cause you to lose this ideal alignment. Which may cause headaches, joint pain, muscle pain, headaches, and unnecessary stress. This one hour postural analysis includes analysis, education, and corrective exercises.

Members: $84
Non-members: $105

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

The FMS is a graded system that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function. The FMS identifies functional limitations and asymmetries by taking you through a series of movements. Based on your results, you will be provided with specific corrective exercises to restore your body’s natural balance.

Members: $84
Non-members: $105

Executive Health and Lifestyle Assessment

Are you a CEO or other key executive with your company?

The executive Health and Lifestyle Assessment at the Reh-Fit consists of a series of tests and consultations that provide you with an awareness and understanding of the factors that have an impact on your health and how to control them. An Executive Health and Lifestyle Assessment is tailored to your personal needs and takes approximately 10 hours over 2 – 4 visits depending on the package you select.

Other tests, or consultation sessions, may be recommended depending on the results of your assessment. The assessment includes a cardiovascular assessment, body composition assessment, musculoskeletal evaluation, nutritional assessment, and an array of blood work including lipid profiles, complete urinalysis, thyroid screening, vitamin D and many more.

For more information please contact Janet Cranston, Director of Health & Fitness at 204-488-5855 or email