Add Group Fitness to Your Routine

Adding group fitness classes into your weekly routines can give your workouts the variety they need to keep them fresh and exciting. For more information or to determine the classes that will help you achieve your goals, talk to any of our staff. New participants are encouraged to arrive a few minutes early to receive assistance setting up for class. We encourage all individuals to work at their own pace. Over 90 group fitness classes per week! Click on any class below to view the class description.

Group Fitness Schedule

October Studio A Schedule

November Studio A Schedule



Class locations are:

  • A – Group Fitness Studio A, upper level
  • FA – Fitness Area, hardwood floor on the main level

Class schedule and locations subject to change.

Never participated in group fitness? Try Group Fitness 101.

This six-week program is designed to introduce Reh-Fit members to some of our most popular fitness classes. Members will experience the fun and energy of working out in a group setting while learning the basics of these modalities. No prior group fitness experience is necessary. All classes will be taught at an introductory level. Register for this program online or at the Reception Desk. Come dressed to participate in physical activity.

Click here for class times and dates.

Level 1

Dedicated to new exercisers and those who prefer a slower paced class with basic exercises. Individuals that require more attentions are encouraged to attend. These classes are all held on the hardwood floor on the main floor of the fitness area.


A focus on your cardiovascular system while moving at a slower pace to great music.

30 minutes

Core Balance

A class that will challenge and enhance your abdominal strength and postural awareness to help with balance.

30 minutes

Gentle Fit

This adapted class includes cardiovascular, muscle conditioning, and flexibility. It’s perfect for all who prefer to do stretching and strengthening exercises from a chair.

30 minutes

Stretch and Strength

A complete body workout focused on strengthening and lengthening the major muscles of the body.

30 minutes

Total Body Conditioning

Total body muscular conditioning workout that promotes muscle endurance, core stability and strength, balance, and flexibility.

55 minutes


A great combination of cardio fitness and strength training for a well-rounded workout.

55 minutes

Level 2-3

Fun classes designed for participants who are ready to take their fitness to the next level. Some modifications will be provided. Classes are held on the second level in Studio A (Indo-Row is on the hardwood floor on the main level).


4 minutes of step alternating with 4 minutes of hi lo.

55 minutes

Bars & Bells

A 45 minute strength training workout.

Calorie Blast

A 45 minute class that will blast away calories. 15 minutes cardio and 20 minutes strength training.


A perfect mix of strength and cardio in a circuit format.

55 minutes

Core 30

A 30 minute dynamic core workout that is challenging and fun!


High intensity intervals of cardio, strength, power, and agility.

30 minutes

Cardio Interval

Fun, challenging cardio drills using body weight and equipment.

55 minutes


Cardio training on the rower.

30 minutes


Cardio training on the rower combined with muscle conditioning.

55 minutes


Moderate intensity intervals of cardio, strength, power, and agility.

55 minutes


Plyometric intervals fused with yoga poses for a fantastic body weight workout.

55 minutes


Cardio training on the bike.

45 minutes


4 minutes cardio on the bike alternating with 4 minutes muscle conditioning.

45 minutes

Row/Ride Circuit

A circuit consisting of rowing, cycling, and muscle conditioning.

40 minutes

Sculpt Circuit

A total body strength conditioning workout  in a circuit format where you move from station to station.

55 minutes


Dance inspired movements and awesome music to enhance your cardiovascular system.

55 minutes

High Fitness

Choreographed interval training with cardio peaks and toning tracks set to music you know and love! Easy to follow and a total blast.


30 minutes strength training followed by 15 minutes stretching.