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Les Ullyot


As a family doctor, Les Ullyot often gave his patients guidance on how to lose weight or get healthier through exercise. But he had difficulty taking his own advice.

“I was working too much, going through some personal issues and not taking care of myself. I was carrying
a huge amount of weight and needed to take charge
of my life”, says Les.

Three years ago, Les turned to the Healthier Weigh program at the Reh-Fit Centre to help get on track.
This four-month award-winning program is led by a dietitian and a fitness consultant who coach participants
on how to lose weight and learn new life skills. “I owe a tremendous amount to that program. I learned more
about the Canada Food Guide, got a lot of support
and guidance from the dietitian, plus the staff helped
me start a fitness program,” adds Les.

But even after the program, Les found himself slipping back into old habits. “I was cheating for the longest
time and then realized I better get serious about this.
So I started walking on the track and paying closer attention to what I ate.”

His focus has paid off.

When Les started the Healthier Weigh program he walked 8 laps in an hour. Now he’s up to 28 laps and going strong. “Over the course of my life I’ve probably lost 800 pounds – lost it and gained it back. Since this past March, I’ve lost 52 pounds and I’d still like to lose another 20.”

With his commitment to a healthier lifestyle, Les visits the Reh-Fit Centre five or six times each week. “I have much more stamina now, better clarity of thought, and don’t have those incredible cravings I used to have. I even sleep better.”

In appreciation for the support and help he’s received at the Centre, Les has made a significant donation to the Reh-Fit Foundation. His name has been added to the donor wall. 
“I give every accolade to the Reh-Fit for persevering with me. It is a great community resource and one that I feel strongly about supporting. I definitely don’t take it for granted and thought this was a good way to give back.”


Monique Everton

monique_evertonFor Monique Everton and her family, the hereditary risks of heart disease are all too well known. In August 2009, Monique was rushed to the hospital in distress, only to discover that one of her arteries was 100% blocked. Surgery was the immediate solution.

Two weeks later, Monique’s older brother also had a heart attack and passed away. Unfortunately, this was not her family’s first introduction to the sometimes tragic consequences of heart disease. In addition to two other siblings having heart attacks, her mother had passed away of a heart attack at the young age of 51.

Despite her grief over the loss of her brother, Monique dedicated herself towards her recovery. “I needed to get well as quickly as possible for my husband and my son. I knew that the staff at the Reh-Fit Centre were highly skilled and could help me navigate through this.”

As she began the Cardiac Rehabilitation program, Monique came up with a goal for herself. “I wanted to run the half marathon in my brother’s honour and raise money for the Reh-Fit Centre because they helped me so much.”

Since that day, she has taken her recovery and her pledge seriously by taking full advantage of the wide range of classes, equipment and guidance that the Reh-Fit offered. Says Monique, “The whole notion of wellness has got to be: Be the best you can be, one step at a time. The people here all espouse and exude that. It’s a winning attitude for anyone in their journey towards wellness and being fit!”

As she began training with the Heart Throbs running club, Monique dedicated herself to raising donations.

Her goal – raise $10,000 so that her brother’s name could be included on the Donor’s Wall at the Reh-Fit Centre. Not only did she successfully complete the half marathon, but with the help of 110 individual donors, raised the money she needed to honour her brother’s memory. Hector’s name has been added to the wall and Monique plans to gather family, friends, and coworkers to mark the occasion.

Adds Monique, “I wanted to express my gratitude to the Reh-Fit Centre and I really wanted to do it as a sign of hope to my family. We’ve been dealt a genetically difficult heart, but I’ve come to realize there are positive things that you can do.”