Research Delivers Innovation

The Reh-Fit Centre began as a result of a few bold doctors who thought that exercise might be good for their patients. These weren’t ordinary patients, they had just had heart surgery. At the time, the standard care after heart surgery was several weeks in hospital followed by ‘taking it easy’ at home. It turns out that those bold doctors were right. Exercise is good for all of us even if we have diabetes, arthritis, weight management issues, or heart disease. Over thirty years later, we are all living: ‘Exercise is Medicine’.


The Reh-Fit supports research to continually improve the effectiveness of our health and fitness programs in building community health. Findings can also lead to advances in the scientific knowledge base of disease prevention and rehabilitation. As Reh-Fit grew to the 86,000 square foot facility which serves over 4,500 members and 10,000 non-members annually, innovation became embedded in the Centre’s Mission, Vision and Core Values.

Innovation does not happen by doing what everybody else does. It is the application of new solutions to meet changing needs. There are few fields where needs are changing more quickly than they are in disease prevention and management. As a result, creative and effective solutions are always being sought. This is why the Reh-Fit Centre is developing its capacity to conduct and host scientifically sound research studies.