By Jason Friesen

If you take a lap around the Reh-Fit Centre track, you’ll see a couple of plaques on the wall at the northwest corner of the fitness area.

One of those plaques is for Mr. Aubrey Boulter.

While most people will see a plaque dedicated to a man who played a role in developing the current site of the Reh-Fit Centre, for Reh-Fit member Susan Boulter, she sees her dad.

It’s because of him that she has dedicated so much of her life to the Centre, and he’s a big reason why she calls herself a Reh-Fit Legacy Society member as someone who has included the Reh-Fit in her will.

“I was 14 when my father had a massive heart attack,” Susan recalled. “Dr. David Mymin (the driving force in establishing the Reh-Fit) suggested that my dad completely overhaul his life and include exercise in his life.”

Aubrey was among Dr. Mymin’s original patients for the then-groundbreaking concept that people should exercise after heart operations. When Aubrey started as Dr. Mymin’s patient, he would walk laps around the gravel track in the basement of the University of Manitoba’s Phys. Ed. Building, where the beginnings of Reh-Fit started to take shape as more patients joined Aubrey.

The growth in the number of patients necessitated Reh-Fit to find their own home, which they did at the current site at 1390 Taylor Avenue, where the facility has continued to see many upgrades thanks to many more committed community members.

But Susan doesn’t value the Reh-Fit Centre only for what it did for her father. She, too, has experienced the life-changing health benefits that the Centre and its highly trained health and fitness staff provide.

“As I grew up and had a career and a busy family life, wellness became last on my to do list,” Susan noted. “Then, 11 years ago, my brother had a massive heart attack. I accompanied him on his recovery journey at Reh-Fit as his support. Paradoxically, the Reh-Fit was my salvation. I retired early, started exercising, lost weight, lowered my blood pressure, and ate better. My doctor told me recently that I’m in the best shape I’ve been in 30 years. I thank the Reh-Fit totally.”

Susan shows her gratitude through giving back to Reh-Fit both with her time and donations. She’s a past Board Chair for the Centre and continues to serve on the board and committees of the Reh-Fit Centre and Foundation. She donates to the Reh-Fit Foundation annually too. And she’s committed to making sure that the next generation has access to health and wellness services in a welcoming environment.

“Reh-Fit is not a ‘work out gym’ - it is a warm, accepting, holistic place for people to start becoming fit and healthy, and then accelerate their fitness program at their own pace.”

As a Legacy Society member, she’s dedicated to seeing that continue – both to carry on her father’s legacy, and to ensure a healthier community for many years to come.

While not everyone shares the same past with Reh-Fit that Susan’s family does, we all can contribute to building a healthier community for tomorrow. Gifts of all sizes make an impact.

May is Leave a Legacy Month! If you're interested in joining the Reh-Fit Legacy Society or want to learn more, click here, call 204-488-9325, or email [email protected].