By Maddy Nowosad

When it comes to heart health, navigating information can be daunting. While the internet offers a wealth of information, it often falls short of providing expert medical advice.

At Reh-Fit, heart health education has been made more accessible through blood pressure clinics, where members receive certified knowledge from fourth-year nursing students. After last week’s clinic, members were eager to learn more.

“I had members asking, 'Can you do a presentation on this?' They wanted to be proactive about their heart health,” shared Jogminder, a University of Manitoba nursing student.

Among his projects during his placement, Jogminder organized an education session on the Anatomy and Physiology of the Heart and presented it to a full crowd. The session explored topics from the basic structure and function of the heart to managing conditions associated with the heart.

“Having knowledge about your heart health is empowering,” he said about the opportunity.

Education Session - Anatomy and Physiology of the Heart.jpg (1.24 MB)

[Pictured: Jogminder, a University of Manitoba nursing student, explains common conditions of the heart using a model heart during an educational session at Reh-Fit Centre.]

It was Jogminder's passion for helping others led him to pursue nursing. “This career gives me a sense of purpose, knowing that my work has a meaningful impact on individuals and the community.”

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Reh-Fit Centre hosting nursing student placements through a partnership with the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Manitoba.

As a Certified Medical Fitness Facility, having nurses on staff is not a requirement, but their presence is a significant strength, and enhances the Reh-Fit team and services. 

“The Reh-Fit Centre has given me a unique experience to learn outside of a hospital setting and in the community. I get to see individuals who are aging actively,” said Ruslan, University of Manitoba nursing student who completed his medical degree in Ukraine, moving to Canada in 2015. He holds a Bachelor of Science and is nearing the completion of his nursing degree.

“It was absolutely great,” Reh-Fit member S. Patricia Olson said of her experience learning about heart health from Jogminder and Ruslan.

Members are looking forward to the next education session by Jogminder and Ruslan, Caring for the Caregiver on July 17, which aims to address caregiver stress and fatigue, offering practical strategies to enhance the well-being of caregivers of those who have had cardiac events.