Reh-Fit member Lisa Parsonage was devastated when the Centre closed in November 2020.

A student and avid hockey player, Lisa had been coming to the Centre consistently several times a week, and was overall happy with the routine she had built attending several group fitness classes per week.

“I was going all the time and getting on track with my weight and my physical health,” Lisa recalls.

But the devastation of closure didn’t last long. Lisa wasted no time getting accustomed to her new routine of online workouts through Reh-Fit Anywhere. In fact, the six months since the November closure, Lisa has been more active than ever.

“I have worked out the most I have ever worked out in my entire life.”

Lisa – who has also lost nearly 30 pounds over the last six months – is reaping the benefits of enhanced physical and mental health.

Her secret? “Having access to the workouts at my leisure. And they are really great workouts.”

On-Demand Workouts for Every Level

Lisa’s favourite group fitness classes include Level 3 classes like Chisel and Burn and Kick, as well as Level 2 classes such as Step and 20/20. Short, condensed workouts offered in the Reh-Fit Anywhere library are another way Lisa likes to get in a quick move break between assignments and attending virtual lectures from home.

Having recently recovered from surgery, thanks in part to working with a Reh-Fit athletic therapist, Lisa continues to be prone to injury. That’s why she appreciates the various levels of classes and the expertise Reh-Fit instructors bring to their classes.

“The instructors at Reh-Fit – even through a TV screen – they’re still very mindful of the positioning. They are really good at making sure you don’t reinjure.”

Staying Motivated with Exercise at Home

One common thread we can all relate to over this past year is how to stay motivated. For Lisa, staying motivated is remarkably simple.

“I feel my all-time best after a workout. It’s hard to not stay motivated, and I’m seeing results. I’m getting the results I want, and I’m happier for it.’

In Person, At Home, On the Go – Anywhere

Lisa has since returned to the Centre for her annual Health and Fitness Assessment, a great way to get a measure on all the hard work she has been putting in over these past months. Now that in-person classes have returned, Lisa plans to continue live workouts from home while adding in attending in-person classes as they fit her schedule.

“Don’t Give Up”

When asked to give advice to others who are interested in getting started on their health and fitness journey from home, she says:

“Don’t give up. I know what it’s like to be at your lowest low. If you work at it every day, you will see results.”

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