We are making every effort to enhance our facility for our community’s safety and well-being. Most recently, we have been working to find the best solutions for improving air quality throughout the Centre.

Maximizing Air Flow

An airflow survey was completed to determine the current air change rates throughout the facility. Based on the results of the survey, the fan systems were adjusted to maximize the air changes in the Centre. In addition, new exhaust fans were added in the locker rooms which resulted in nearly double the airflow.

Installation of New Global Plasma Solutions System

In addition to these changes, a new Global Plasma Solutions system has been installed in the ventilation serving the areas where members are in close quarters. This system purifies the air by eliminating airborne particulates, odors, and pathogens – and can reduce the rate of COVID-19 particulates in the area by 99% within 30 minutes. The new system operates using a patented technology called NPBI (Needle Point Bi-Polar Ionization), which releases natural ions into the air to keep indoor air clean in the same way nature does outdoors.

Airflow.JPG (64 KB)

The Takeaway

You can breathe easier knowing the air quality in the Centre has been tested and improved to serve you better.  In addition to increased airflow, this new system improves the air quality for everyone in the Centre. It’s a win-win.

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