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Fitting in Activity for the Prevention and Management of Heart Disease

Scott Lear
Tuesday, April 20
7 – 7:45 pm CST

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Regular physical activity is a proven method for preventing and treating heart disease. And it doesn't mean you have to go to the gym to do it (although that's good too). From 'stealth exercise' to 'exercise snacks' find out ways how you can fit activity into your daily life.

Dr. Scott Lear is a Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University and the inaugural Pfizer/Heart and Stroke Foundation Chair in Cardiovascular Prevention Research at St. Paul's Hospital. His research focuses on lifestyle measures for the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease, and using technology to support patients at a distance. He writes a weekly blog (Feel Healthy with Dr. Scott Lear) to share his expertise and patient experience regarding healthy living and can often be found on Twitter and Instagram @DrScottLear.

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