Team Training

Teamwork makes all the difference.

Challenge yourself, meet new people, and discover why small group training continues to grow in popularity for people of all ages and fitness levels.  

Current Programs

Team Training at a Glance

Team Training is a group training program that focuses on a teamwork approach to reach a higher level of fitness. By connecting you with others who share similar goals, you will experience support, belonging, and challenge in a dynamic, motivating environment — and have a great time while doing it.

How It Works

  • Each session, your trainer will guide your group through a different program of strength, cardio, and cool down exercises designed to challenge and motivate you. 
  • With a small group of roughly 10 participants, it will be fun, but still small enough to retain high quality of instruction. 
  • Team Training sessions meet once per week, for usually for a session lasting four to six weeks. This is short enough for most to commit without schedule conflicts, but is still long enough to see measurable progress.

Team Training Programs

Over the years we have developed and refined our approach to group training. The result is Team Training, which is presented in four unique classes following the same format:

Team Core

Strengthen your core, build muscle, and add some variety to your fitness routine through core-focused functional fitness workouts.

Team Move

Get moving, motivated, and push yourself to reach new goals through guided moderate-intensity functional fitness workouts.

Team Power

Get faster, stronger, and achieve a higher level of fitness through guided high-intensity functional fitness workouts.

Team Reset

Focus on corrective exercise, undo bad habits, activate and lengthen the correct muscles, and learn to move properly. Must be able to get down to, and up from the floor.

Get the most out of your Reh-Fit experience and get involved in the classes and programs... They are all great instructors and motivators.

- Ted D.