Canada’s First Certified Medical Fitness Facility

It was nearly four decades ago that the Reh-Fit first opened its doors when a few bold doctors thought that exercise might be good for their patients. It turns out those forward-thinking doctors were right. Exercise is good for all of us, and it’s one of the most important things we can do for our health.

As Canada’s first certified medical fitness facility, the Centre has helped thousands of Manitobans to build healthy lifestyle habits that improve their quality of life while relieving pressure on the health care system. It’s what sets the Centre apart and is at the core of the Reh-Fit’s belief that exercise is medicine. Our medical fitness certification assures clients that we meet the highest global standards for programs, staff, safety, and community service.

The Reh-Fit is a place for people who want better. It’s a place for people who want or need to make lasting, positive changes in their health and in their lives. It’s a place for people who want an improved quality of life for themselves and those around them.

The Centre offers an inter-professional collaborative health and fitness team, along with a Medical Advisor and Medical Advisory Committee, who offer professional guidance and expertise that inspire people to exercise safely and effectively. Together we are committed to creating a community of support that is built upon a foundation of innovative and personalized services.

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