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Receive the guidance and motivation you need to take your fitness to the next level. Our trainers not only help you establish fitness goals that are right for you, they also make it fun. Our trainers will continue to adjust your program to your changing needs throughout the course of your fitness journey.

Team Training

A group training program that focuses on the team approach to reach a higher level of fitness. By connecting you with others who share similar goals, you will experience support, belonging, and challenge in a dynamic, motivating environment and have a great time while doing it.

  • Team Power: Get faster, stronger, and achieve a higher level of fitness through guided high-intensity functional fitness workouts.
  • Team Move: Get moving, motivated, and push yourself to reach new goals through guided moderate-intensity functional fitness workouts.
  • Team Core: Strengthen your core, build muscle, and add some variety to your fitness routine through core-focused functional fitness workouts.
  • Team Reset: Focus on corrective exercise, undo bad habits, activate and lengthen the correct muscles, and learn to move properly. Must be able to get down and up from floor.


Personal Training

Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain strength, manage a chronic condition, improve your sports performance, or simply live a healthier life, our accredited personal trainers will lead you to success. Trainers can help you reach your goals by making your workouts more productive, motivational, safe, and time-efficient. Registration forms are available at the Reception Desk. Personal Training sessions are available for purchase only for existing clients.

  • One-On-One: Achieve your fitness goals through one-on-one workouts personalized to match your abilities. The first step to improving your fitness is defining what success means to you. Our friendly, highly trained staff work with you to establish realistic, yet challenging goals, and then help you do whatever it takes to reach them.
    • 1 session: $70
    • 5 sessions: $300
    • 10 sessions: $550
  • Partner: Share your workout experience with a friend or partner. Our qualified and diverse trainers are eager to lead you and a partner through a workout that challenges you both. Partner training is a great option if you’re looking to add fun, extra encouragement, and an opportunity to push each other toward a healthier lifestyle.
    • 1 session: $95
    • 5 sessions: $425
    • 10 sessions: $800
  • Small Group: Share goals? Share a trainer. In small group training, you get accelerated results at a smaller cost compared to one-on-one training. Get a group together who share similar goals and stay motivated and committed to your workouts.


Meet Our Trainers

The trainers at the Reh-Fit Centre are chosen for their technical expertise, passion for service, and ability to lead members to reach their goals.

Clovis Baptista

I am an avid world-traveler and a very extroverted person who is always ready for a good laugh.

I am a certified Manitoba Fitness Council instructor who holds certifications in Group Cycle, Sports Conditioning, Resistance Training, and Individual Fitness Leader. I also come with a long list of health and fitness certifications from Europe including Personal Training, High-Intensity Sports, and Sports Nutrition.

I am the developer and coach of our current performance programs as well.


Will Clarke

I am one of our full-time personal trainers and have been at the Reh-Fit for the past three years. I have over 20 years of training experience and am able to work with any fitness level from beginner to high level. I apply motivational and exercise strategies to encourage each client to move outside of their comfort zone to reach optimal results. I also instruct our Team Training programs and apply these same techniques to groups of 8 – 16 individuals.


Dylan Cohoe

Since graduating from the University of Winnipeg with a degree in Kinesiology in 2010, I have been employed with the Reh-Fit. I have been fortunate enough to work with individuals and groups with vast ranges of abilities and limitations. Reading about conditions is a great way to learn, but working with an individual and how it affects them has greatly increased my knowledge. I hope to continue learning from people and help them make positive health changes for years to come.


Kailey Evans

Physical activity has been a part of me for my whole life, from growing up playing peewee soccer to playing volleyball at the university level.  I am passionate about helping other people realize that physical activity can be for everyone no matter their age, ability, or past experience!

As a CSEP- Certified Exercise Physiologist, I have worked with people of all ages and abilities from beginners to elite level athletes. I enjoy working with anyone who is motivated to better their health or performance, however my passion is working with people of the older population and people who are living with chronic conditions. I believe that the way you feel about your body should be based on what you can do and not be based on what you look like in the mirror or what the number says on the scale.

The best part about personal training is seeing clients excited that they have gotten stronger, healthier and feel like everyday activities are getting easier. My training style includes a holistic approach that will help people reach their goals in a safe, fun, and motivating way!


Sofia Ferreira

I have been teaching fitness for 20 years, working with different ages and fitness levels, including athletes, people with arthritis, and students in grades seven through 12 in the school system as part of their physical education program.

My area of expertise is Pilates and core strengthening. My main goal is teaching participants to develop the proper techniques for an injury-free workout. I also believe strength, balance, and flexibility should all be included equally. I pride myself on always being always up-to-date with the new trends in the fitness industry.


Jerrad Guenther

jerrad personal trainer

I am excited to join the Reh-Fit team and create positive change in the community through movement training, strength & conditioning and rehabilitation!

I have developed a passion for training and helping others and completed a BSc in Exercise Science at the University of Winnipeg and a MSc in Rehabilitation Science at the University of British Columbia. I have led several research projects aimed at improving pain and function for people with lower body conditions to increase quality of life.

I have spent several years leading training programs for all ages and abilities and learning new skills and techniques on the West Coast, before moving back to Winnipeg. Some of these included programs and training for cardiac rehab, back pain, knee and hip pain, performance optimization, multi-condition rehabilitation, return to work and general fitness.

I specialize in arming you with tools to optimize your movement and reach your life and fitness goals! When I’m not in the gym helping people, I can be found trying out new and interesting coffee shops around town.


Sam Higham

High – am – Sam! (Get it?) I am new to the personal training world but definitely not new to the world of physical activity. I graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Kinesiology in February 2015. I completed my student placement at the Reh-Fit Centre, and I loved it so much I decided to stay! Since graduating, I have obtained my Certification of Exercise Physiology (CSEP-CEP) and continue to keep learning daily.

I participated in gymnastics since grade 3 and continued for 8 years! Since my body no longer allows to me to compete, I started coaching and am currently on my 12th year! I have coached all ages from toddlers to 18 year old national competitors. I love everything gymnastics – some would say I am a bit obsessed – from keeping up with the latest drills to listening to various podcasts.

My love for gymnastics roots from a love of balance, which explains why I love working with individuals who want to improve their balance. The spark that I see on someone’s face when they improve on a skill or exercise makes my day. My enthusiastic personality keeps my clients excited and encouraged. There is an exercise for everyone out there, and if something doesn’t work for you we will find another exercise that does. Communication is key, and if we work together I am sure we can get you not only on your way to your goals but dominating them!


Martha De Ita

I was born in Mexico City. I credit my professional dance training to the Royal Academy of Dancing system. I became a professional dancer and joined the National Ballet Company in Mexico. My journey in Pilates began as a form of cross-training to improve my dance.

After moving to Winnipeg in 2004, I trained to become a certified Mat and Reformer Stott Pilates Instructor. Pilates became my new career, filling me with joy for helping others.

I teach all levels of classes and use all small equipment like fitness circles, flex bands, foam rollers, bosu-balls, mini-stability balls, toning balls, weights and more. I am passionate about the mind and body connection, and blending my anatomy, Pilates, Dance and myofascial release knowledge I can focus on my client’s needs and help them achieve a strong stable core and great mobility.


Dustin Kimber

As a former student/athlete, I understand that fitting regular physical activity into your busy life can be a challenge. My passion is helping people strike this balance and reach their fitness goals by empowering them through knowledge and working to develop the skill set required to achieve the best version of yourself possible. I have extensive experience providing high-quality training to individuals and groups of a broad range of fitness and mobility levels. Helping people realize their potential is what fuels my passion.