Corporate Services

Reh-Fit Corporate Services: Invest in Health

Research shows that businesses who invest in the health of their employees see benefits such as, reduced health care-related costs, increased productivity and morale, decreased absenteeism and turnover, and great professional networking opportunities. Not only does it improve employee satisfaction but it also offers employees all of the personal benefits of overall health and well-being.


  • Assessment: A health and fitness assessment will be used to evaluate your employees’ current fitness level and let them know where improvements can be made. Our assessments include a series of tests and consultations to provide your employees with an understanding of the factors that impact health and how to control them. These assessments help our staff create an individualized, dynamic and tailored exercise program for each individual.
  • Executive Health and Lifestyle Assessment: This assessment consists of a series of tests and consultations that provide you with an awareness and understanding of the factors that have an impact on your health and how to control them. An Executive Health and Lifestyle Assessment is tailored to your personal needs and takes approximately 10 hours over two to four visits depending on the selected package. Other tests or consultation sessions may be recommended depending on the results of your assessment.
  • Open House: To give your employees a preview of everything fitness can offer them, consider inviting them to join us at the Centre to enjoy our world-class health and fitness facility for a day or even a week. Once they’re here, let our certified professional staff show them how the Reh-Fit will help them reach their health and wellness goals. We can also arrange educational sessions and fitness classes for you.
  • Corporate Guest from Out of Town: Treat your guests to services while they are in Winnipeg. This could include: guest passes to use the Centre, massage therapy, and yoga classes – to name a few services available.
  • Facilities Rentals: Planning an event for your business, organization, or group? The Centre is an ideal location for holding meetings and retreats. All meeting rooms are air-conditioned and beautifully decorated with state-of-the-art technology. Our conference rooms also feature optional heart-healthy catering and webinar and conference capability if needed. Click here to learn more about facility rentals.
  • Health and Fitness Programs:  We can offer a variety of our many well-known programs right on site at your workplace. We also custom-design programs suited to the needs of your employees.
  • Health and Fitness Educational Sessions: We also custom-design programs suited to the needs of your employees. Health and Fitness Educational Sessions – More education, training, and support are required for the growing number of people in our community and the workplace. The Reh-Fit continues to host a variety of educational events that deliver the latest information on health and fitness. Our professional staff could come on-site and deliver a session. We could also advertise our many community education events at your workplace to assist employees with finding ways to learn about how to improve their health.
  • Wellness Challenges/Contests: We can coordinate and execute a few activity-type programs for your employees to help encourage integrating physical activity into their lives. This could be an inter-office challenge to foster team building and communication.