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From disease prevention to management programs, we're here to support your health with a variety of programs to help you self-manage your condition. 

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Cardiac Rehabilitation

An education and exercise program designed to support people with a diagnosed heart disease, who have had heart surgery, or have had a heart attack.

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Cardiac Rehab: Healthy Partners

Designed for those supporting a cardiac rehabilitation participant to learn more about the rehabilitation process and exercise to build a healthier lifestyle together.

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Exercise Is Medicineā„¢

Health care providers can refer patients to this one-time, eight-week program designed to help participants get started with exercise. Participants are encouraged to attend supervised exercise classes with a Clinical Exercise Physiologist. 

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Kidney Fit

Designed for those "new to exercise", this physical activity and lifestyle awareness program offers exercise and education for people with all stages of chronic kidney disease. This program is offered in partnership with the Manitoba Renal Program.

Moving Forward After Cancer

Participants will learn ways to address common post-treatment stressors and health concerns, as well as how to foster an exercise lifestyle to transition back to life beyond cancer. This program is offered in partnership with the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.

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Please note that some programs are temporarily unavailable. 

The staff are so amazing and have been so helpful in my recovery. So many informative seminars, that have helped me understand what I went through, and great staff that have made me feel comfortable in the gym. What a fantastic, unique rehabilitation facility, and program. Thank you for all your help!

- Graham K.
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