Nutrition Counselling

Let food by thy medicine.

Proper nutrition is essential to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That's why we have been sure to integrate nutrition education and counselling into Reh-Fit membership.

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Nutrition at a Glance


A nutrition plan developed by a registered dietitian can help you:

  • Increase energy levels
  • Manage chronic disease
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Achieve your fitness goals

Nutrition Counselling at Reh-Fit

We offer a variety of personalized services to help you improve your overall health and wellness. Our registered dietitians provide one-on-one counselling tailored to your needs.

Please note that nutrition counselling is a service exclusive to Reh-Fit members. 


Nutrition Consultation

This is a half-hour session is a great way to meet our registered dietitians to discuss your personal goals and how you might benefit from nutrition counselling. 

A yearly consultation session with a registered dietitian is included with Reh-Fit membership.

Nutrition Counselling

These half-hour or one-hour sessions with one of our registered dietitians is where you will discuss your personal goals, review your food habits and lifestyle, and devise personalized strategies for healthier eating.

Meal Planning

Our meal planning service will provide you with access to weekly meal plans, including recipes and grocery lists for three months.

Virtual Nutrition Counselling

Virtual.JPG (9 KB)

Virtual nutrition counselling is now available to support you while you’re at home or away.

Our Team

Elahe A. - Registered Dietitian

Elahe A.

Registered Dietitian



Nutrition Counselling 


Follow-up Counselling 


Meal Planning Service

- Initial appointment and software set up

- 6 months of detailed meal planning



Nutrition counselling may be covered through third party insurance.

The atmosphere is cheerful, staff are always available to answer questions. Resources are all in one place for nutrition and diet, health assessments, and more.

- Linda K.
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