Group Fitness Classes

Adding group fitness classes into your weekly routine can give your workouts the variety they need to keep them fresh and exciting. From beginners just setting out on their fitness journeys to seasoned athletes looking for the next challenge, our group fitness classes provide a variety of activities and intensity levels.

PDF: Group Fitness Schedule

June Studio A Schedule

July Studio A Schedule


Class locations are:

A – Group Fitness Studio A, upper level
FA – Fitness Area, hardwood floor on the main level

Class schedule and locations subject to change.

Never participated in group fitness? Try Group Fitness 101

This six-week program is designed to introduce Reh-Fit members to some of our most popular fitness classes. Members will experience the fun and energy of working out in a group setting while learning the basics of these modalities. No prior group fitness experience is necessary. All classes will be taught at an introductory level.

  • 20/20 Interval – A great combination of cardio fitness and strength training for a well-rounded workout
  • 4×4 – 4 minutes of step alternating with 4 minutes of hi lo
  • Bars & Bells – A 45 minute strength training workout
  • Circuit – A perfect mix of strength and cardio in a circuit format
  • Calorie Blast – A 45 minute class that will blast away calories. 15 minutes cardio and 20 minutes strength training
  • Cardio-Fit – A focus on your cardiovascular system while moving at a slower pace to great music
  • Cardio Interval – Fun, challenging cardio drills using body weight and equipment
  • Core Balance – A class that will challenge and enhance your abdominal strength and postural awareness to help with balance
  • CSY (Cardio/Strength/Yoga) – 3 mins cardio drills, 3 mins strength training, 3 mins Yoga. A great overall workout that is fun and challenging.
  • Gentle Fit – This adapted class includes cardiovascular, muscle conditioning, and flexibility. It’s perfect for all who prefer to do stretching and strengthening exercises from a chair
  • High Fitness – Choreographed interval training with cardio peaks and toning tracks set to music you know and love! Easy to follow and a total blast
  • HIIT – High intensity intervals of cardio, strength, power, and agility
  • Hi Lo Interval – 4 minutes of hi lo alternating with 4 minutes of muscle conditioning
  • Indo-Row – Cardio training on the rower
  • Indo-Row/Sculpt – Cardio training on the rower combined with muscle conditioning
  • Kick – An intense blend of martial arts for improving your cardiovascular system, strength, balance, and dynamic flexibility
  • MIIT – Moderate intensity intervals of cardio, strength, power, and agility
  • Plyoflex – Plyometric intervals fused with yoga poses for a fantastic body weight workout
  • Ride – Cardio training on the bike
  • Ride/Sculpt – 4 minutes cardio on the bike alternating with 4 minutes muscle conditioning
  • Ride/Sculpt/Yoga – 20 minutes of cardio on the bike, 20 minutes of strength training, 20 minutes of yoga
  • Row/Ride Circuit – A circuit consisting of rowing, cycling, and muscle conditioning
  • Step – Nothing like a good old fashioned step class to get your heart rate up and have some fun
  • Strength Circuit – A total body strength conditioning workout in a circuit format where you move from station to station
  • Stretch & Strength – A complete body workout focused on strengthening and lengthening the major muscles of the body
  • Total Body Conditioning – Total body muscular conditioning workout that promotes muscle endurance, core stability and strength, balance, and flexibility
  • Zumba – Dance inspired movements and awesome music to enhance your cardiovascular system


If you’re looking for ways to increase strength, flexibility and endurance, try out our wide variety of fitness programs.

Whether you’re just getting started on your fitness journey or you’re among the fittest of the fit, our specially design programs and classes will help you get active, stay fit, and achieve even the most ambitious goals.

  • Summer Burner: If you’re an avid exercisers with a solid foundation of resistance training and cardiovascular fitness, check out this great summer program.
  • Precision Stretch: Improve your flexibility and mobility. This one-hour class involves foam rolling and stretching from head to toe. Taught by a certified Athletic Therapist, Precision Stretch will teach you how to stretch each muscle correctly and efficiently.
  • Gravity: This class will build muscle endurance and strength in all your major muscle groups. All fitness levels welcome.
  • Strength Training 101: Learn proper body position and technique when performing exercises using dumbbells and barbells.
  • Kick Start Your Fitness: New to Reh-Fit? Intimidated by classes? Want team support? Each week the group will try something new like yoga, Drums Alive, and more.
  • Walking Club: Walk with other members on our cushioned indoor track.

Reh-Fit Performance Programs

These programs provide an overall approach to managing your health and fitness. Learn about nutrition, cardio, and strength training through a series personalized fitness programs.

The Performance Programs provide the most efficient and effective workouts with the appropriate time distribution between cardio and strength training. Our expert staff provide support and encouragement throughout the program, and participants are also supported by their peers.

Take an active role in setting goals, dedicating your time, effort, and sweat equity to making sustainable lifestyle changes. Develop new capabilities and push through your mental and physical barriers as you complete each course in the Performance Programs. You’ll be inspired to take the next challenge in the Reh-Fit series.

  • Reh-Volution: If you’re already an active person and you want to take your fitness to the next level, Reh-Volution is the program for you. In this level of the program, you will be introduced to the Performance Program fitness and nutrition regimen.
  • Reh-Charge: Reh-Charge is the second level of the Performance Programs. This program is ideal for those who have completed Reh-Volution or who are already avid exercisers with a solid foundation of resistance training and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Reh-Action: Reh-Action is an intense fitness program, and participants must have completed either Reh-Volution or Reh-Charge to enter this program. Test your limits, both physically and mentally, and receive brilliant fitness-in-action results.
  • Reh-Boot: Reh-Boot is only for members who have completed Reh-Action. You must be comfortable with the exercises and understand the aspect of health and fitness. This 10-week program offers the most intense routine of all the Performance Programs.

Reh-Fit Virtual Fitness Classes

Virtual Fitness puts pre-recorded group exercise classes at your fingertips with access to the industry’s top fitness instructors and classes when Group Fitness Studio A is not in use. Choose from a library of hundreds of group fitness classes. Try a different class every time! Choose a class during an open time slot, and classes will be played on a wall-sized screen.