We're so happy to have you back.

Thanks to all of you for your role in creating a safe and smooth reopening. Now and always, our goal is to protect you and others while enjoying the Reh-Fit once again.

Quick Reference Guide

Your Safety is Our Priority

Reh-Fit was established as a safe and welcoming environment. We are committed to offering the safest and smoothest process for navigating physical distancing and increased cleaning and disinfecting schedules.

As always, our top priority is the health and safety of our members and staff. We have been working hard over the past several weeks on our reopening plan and preparing the Centre for heightened cleaning and disinfecting processes and modifications to allow for physical distancing.

What follows is an overview of our comprehensive Phase One approach to reopening the Reh-Fit Centre. Outlined below are new precautions and procedures to meet and exceed all government regulations.

Reopening at a Glance

Heightened Cleaning and Disinfecting

We’ve always been dedicated to the cleanliness of our facilities and the health and safety of our community. Now, we’re taking this commitment to an even higher level with The Reh-Fit Standard of Elevated Cleanliness and Disinfecting.

  • Exceeding Government Regulations: As a certified medical fitness facility, our standards have been designed to meet and exceed government regulations in our sector, including screening, wait room management strategies, and physical distancing measures.
  • Heightened Disinfecting: Heightened deep-cleaning procedures with top-grade disinfectant and introduction of the Clorox® Total 360™ System, an electrostatic disinfectant used after cleaning.
  • All-Day Cleaning: In addition to dedicated cleaning staff, all staff are responsible for continuous cleaning and disinfecting of touch points during operating hours.
  • Enhanced Hand Sanitization: Stands with hand sanitizer are available throughout the facility.
  • Space and Circulation: Over 81,000 square feet with excellent indoor air quality and circulation.
  • Strict Enforcement: We need your help to keep everyone safe. Anyone not adhering to physical distancing or facility hygiene guidelines will not be allowed to continue using the Centre.

Further, we have designed individualized plans for how we will clean and sanitize each area of the Reh-Fit Centre, including the locker rooms, Heart Rock Café, and studios. Amenities, scheduling, and processes have been designed to offer members, clients, and staff the safest environment possible.

Every employee is getting trained on the cleaning protocol and tasked with helping us make re-opening safe and healthy. We will need the support and participation of our members to make this protocol successful.

Changes to Hours and Programs

This is a brief overview of our comprehensive Phase One approach to reopening the Centre. The following temporary changes will help us manage cleaning and allow for additional physical distancing.

what you need to know

Planning for a Safe Visit

Before You Arrive

  • Self-Screen: If you feel unwell, please postpone your visit. You can use the self-screening tool available from Shared Health.
  • Plan Ahead: You may visit the Centre for 90 minutes, so please plan accordingly. We will be operating at 50% capacity. While this means it is possible you may be required to wait if visiting at peak times, we do not anticipate this will be the case. Pre-booking for visiting the Centre is not required at this time; if capacity does approach 50% we will adjust accordingly.
  • Arrive Prepared: Be mindful that locker rooms will be open but only ⅓ lockers will be in use. Members are encouraged to change beforehand and bring as few personal items as possible.

When You Arrive

  • All members will be asked a set of screening questions before entering the Centre.
  • Members will proceed with touchless check in. This allows us to track numbers in the building.
  • Anyone exhibiting symptoms will be asked to leave immediately and call Health Links (204-788-8200).
  • Locker rooms are open following physical distancing guidelines. Some lockers will be taken out of service to maintain physical distancing. Select a locker that is physically distant from other members. If a member is using a locker near yours, wait for them to finish before approaching your locker. Members are encouraged to change beforehand and bring as few personal items as possible.Members are asked to use wipes on handles and keys after use. Express lockers are also available on the main floor and in the Café area.

During Your Visit

  • Please maintain a safe physical distance from others throughout the Centre and allow for more space while exercising.
  • Please be mindful of identified floor markers. 
  • Please use provided wipes to clean equipment after each use.
  • Wash your hands regularly and take advantage of the additional hand sanitizing stations throughout the Centre.

Thank You

We appreciate your understanding as we make these changes, and look forward to working with you to create an environment that delivers on our three pillars of excellence: care, community, and cleanliness.

On behalf of the entire team at the Reh-Fit Centre, we’d like to take a moment to express our gratitude for your loyalty and support. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time. We look forward to seeing you again soon!