Manual Osteopathy

Discover the benefits of Manual Osteopathy.

Manual Osteopathy may help with many aspects of health such as chronic pain, postural imbalances, inflammation, digestive disorders, headache/migrane, and respiratory issues.

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Manual Osteopathy

What is Manual Osteopathy?

Manual osteopathy is a gentle, client-centred hands-on therapy suitable for all ages and stages of life. Manual osteopathy approaches the body to determine the primary cause of an issue. It aims to remove strain patterns, enhance the overall function of all body systems, and promote the body’s self-regulating ability. 

Treatment typically includes techniques related to myofascial and connective tissue, structural alignment, lymphatics, visceral manipulation, and the craniosacral system. Osteopathy may help a variety of complaints such as chronic pain, postural imbalances, inflammation, digestive disorders, headaches and migraines, and respiratory issues. 

Getting Started

All treatments are one hour long. The first appointment includes an extensive health history, a physical assessment, a hands-on treatment, and a discussion about how to move forward with a treatment plan.

Next Steps

Follow-up appointments will continue to assess and treat using Osteopathic manual therapy techniques and principles.

What to Wear

Comfortable and loose-fitting clothes such as t-shirts, shorts or leggings is recommended.

Our Team

Bonnie K. - Osteopathic Manual Therapist

Bonnie K.

Osteopathic Manual Therapist


Session Time Cost
60 minutes $120

All prices are subject to GST. Manual Osteopathy may be claimed through third party insurance.

What To Expect

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  • We require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice for any cancelled or rescheduled appointments; you will be charged $50.00 if you give less than 24 hours’ notice or miss your appointment.
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