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Helping you put your best foot forward.

With a specialization in foot care, our foot nurse can help you or a loved one experience the benefits of happy, healthy feet.

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Foot Care at a Glance


Foot care can have a whole range of positive health benefits for older adults. A foot care nurse understands the foot and how it functions in relation to the rest of the body. Regular foot care from a trained professional can help reduce heavy calluses, corns, and trim deformed or thickened nails.

The nurse also assesses feet and lower limb for circulation, sensation, swelling, and assesses for the potential risk of ulcer development and falls. A large part of a nurse’s job involves client education and monthly to bimonthly follow up.

Please note that foot care is a service exclusive to Reh-Fit members. 


Foot Care Service

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Foot care may be covered through third party insurance.


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