Medical Oversight

Collaborating with the health care community.

As a medically-integrated fitness facility, we collaborate with our partners in health care to serve you better.

Health care referral

Medical Fitness

What is Medical Fitness?

By definition, a medical fitness centre has either a medical director or a physician advisory board that oversees programs. In our case, we have both.

Another key difference between a medical fitness centre like Reh-Fit and other fitness facilities is our team is made up of professionals with the highest credentials, including:

  • Clinical exercise physiologists (CEPs)
  • Rehabilitation practitioners 
  • Nurses

In addition, Reh-Fit staff have experience working with clients that may be managing medical conditions.

Medical Oversight

Medical Advisory Board

The Reh-Fit Centre has medical oversight by a Medical Advisory Board, consisting of 14 physicians from a range of specialties.

Our Medical Advisor

Dr. Thang Nguyen oversees the Cardiac Rehabilitation program and emergency policies and procedures at the Centre.

Collaborating with Healthcare

The Reh-Fit Centre collaborates with the health care community in several ways.

Electronic Medical Records (eChart)

The Reh-Fit is part of a provincial initiative to improve patient care. With express permission, we are able to reference a client’s electronic medical records in order to get a holistic view of their medical history. This information helps us form a better understanding of their health, and how exercise can help.

My Health Team

Reh-Fit is a community partner in the Fort Garry/River Heights My Health Team, a team of health care providers that work together to plan and deliver services in one geographic area. The goal of community partnership is to bring health care professionals together and provide more coordinated, comprehensive care.

If a Reh-Fit member or client could benefit services that we do not provide, My Health Team provides a direct channel to connect you with additional support or services. Health care professionals may also refer patients to Reh-Fit.

Medical Referral for Exercise

Exercise is Medicine™

The Exercise is Medicine™ Program is a one-time, eight-week program designed to help patients get started with exercise. Medical referral is designed to help doctors and health professionals quickly and easily connect their patients with the community support they need.

Knowledgeable, helpful staff. Safety protocols in place for rapid response in case of emergencies. In addition to trainers, coaches and instructors, there is medical staff who communicate with family doctors when necessary to ensure safety in all exercise. Being geared towards a medical approach to exercise with different health programs makes it different than other exercise facilities.

- Claudette C.
Health Care Referral