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You come first. 

You're looking for more than a swipe card and a locker. We get it — that's why we have crafted a gym membership that delivers on our promise of care, community, and cleanliness.

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One-on-One Coaching

Your journey begins with your one-on-one coaching session. The focus is to discuss what you're hoping to get out of your membership and, from there, how to get started. Follow up coaching sessions are a great opportunity to check in, stay motivated, and keep your fitness routine fresh. A yearly coaching session is included with your membership.

Health & Fitness Assessments

Your first assessment is designed to give a baseline of your current health and fitness level. This will give you insight into your own health — and provide our staff information they need to help make recommendations just for you. In addition, we can send your results directly to your family physician if you wish. A yearly Health and Fitness Assessment to check in on your progress is included with your membership.

Nutrition Counselling

Good nutrition has a huge impact on health and wellness. That's why we've built in nutrition counselling as a key benefit to Reh-Fit membership. A yearly consultation session with a registered dietitian is included with your membership.

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

You can think of Reh-Fit as a one-stop shop for your health and wellness. Members enjoy exclusive access to our team of rehabilitation professionals including massage therapists, athletic therapists, physiotherapists, and foot care nurse.

Medical Oversight

You're safe here. Our staff are some of the most highly-trained in the industry, meaning you can feel confident in their advice and direction. In addition, Reh-Fit programs and policies are overseen by a medical doctor — not something you will find at most fitness facilities. 

Ongoing Learning & Support

Ongoing support is key to long-term success. You'll benefit from guidance on exercise equipment and any programs that interest you. As you're ready to learn more and do more, you can continue to attend sessions to expand your knowledge and comfort level.

For Every Body

The Reh-Fit is a place where you can feel comfortable and at home. Our members love that the Centre is a place for community, not competition.

A Place to Relax

Designated social spaces like the café, members' lounge, steam room, and sauna room offer a place to relax and unwind pre- or post-workout. 

Education & Events

Education sessions, challenges, and community gatherings are at the heart of what our members love about the Reh-Fit. Whether you find community in the classroom or meeting others at a special event, you'll find a sense of community and connection.

Member Exclusives

Enjoy exclusive access to our rehabilitation practitioners, special member pricing, priority registration dates, and more.

The Essentials

Your membership is made complete with a full list of member benefits you would expect from a premier fitness centre, like free parking, Wi-Fi, and more.

This is by far the best gym I've ever joined. Spotless, modern facility with excellent programming and talented staff.

- Bill Y.
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