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If you want results, you call in the experts.

Having a trainer on your side can make all the difference. Our trainers are here to provide the encouragement, knowledge, and motivation you need to start or maintain your routine. Premium one-on-one virtual training is available now.

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Personal Training at a Glance


Personal training can help you reach your goals by making your workouts more productive, motivational, safe, and time-efficient.

For Everyone

One of the most common misconceptions about personal training is it is just for advanced exercisers or elite athletes. It’s quite the opposite, in fact:

  • Many of our members are simply looking for an accountability partner, or want to ensure they are keeping proper form.
  • Others require a personalized approach due to chronic illness or memory loss.
  • Still, if you are looking to challenge yourself, we can find the right personal trainer for you.

Another misconception about personal training is you must meet your trainer weekly or multiple times per week. While this works for some, others prefer to see their trainer on a monthly, seasonal, or yearly basis as a way to check in on their exercise program. It’s up to you.

Types of Training


Achieve your fitness goals through one-on-one workouts personalized to match your abilities.


Share your workout experience with a friend or partner.

Please note that partner training is available only to those residing in the same household. 

Small Group

In small group training, you get accelerated results at a smaller cost compared to one-on-one training. Get a group together who share similar goals and stay motivated and committed to your workouts.

Please note that this service is temporarily unavailable. 

Virtual Training

Premium one-on-one virtual training to support you while you’re at home or away.

Our Trainers

Jessica Thomas - Registered Athletic Therapist

Jessica Thomas

Registered Athletic Therapist


  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Movement mechanics and functional strength training
  • Posture, balance and mobility


Gabe McDougal - Certified Exercise Physiologist

Gabe McDougal

Certified Exercise Physiologist


  • Sport specific training and performance 
  • Functional strength training 
  • Agility, speed and power development  
Amanda Younka - CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer

Amanda Younka

CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer


  • Chronic disease management, disability and mobility maintenance
  • Strategic lifestyle behaviour change
  • Cardiovascular conditioning
Will Clarke - ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Will Clarke

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer


  • Strength & Team Training
  • Cardiovascular conditioning
  • Chronic disease management
  • Strategic lifestyle behaviour change



Individual - 5 Sessions

($65 per session)

Individual - 10 Sessions

($60 per session)

Partner Training - 5 Sessions

($100 per session)

Partner Training - 10 Sessions

($95 per session)

What to Expect

How it Works

Getting Started 

  • Complete your Personal Training Application to apply for a trainer.
  • After assessing your goals and schedule, we will match you with a Reh-Fit personal trainer. You are welcome to request a particular trainer, but note that we can't guarantee schedules will align. 

Your First Session

  • Your first session will include defining what success means to you. Our trainers work with you to establish realistic, yet challenging goals, and then help you do whatever it takes to reach them. Your first session will also include some introductory exercises and recommendations.
  • You will also meet with your trainer how often you will meet, and schedule your next sessions.

Please Note

  • Personal training services — including virtual training — are exclusive to Reh-Fit members. Active membership required.

I have said to my trainer, ‘I don’t know if I can do that, you know how old I am right?’ and he’ll say, ‘I absolutely know how old you are and, yes, you can.’”

- Glenda S.
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