Getting Started

We're here to help.

Starting a new fitness routine can be overwhelming. We get it. We're here to help you map out your first few months to get you started with ease.

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Getting Started

Reh-Fit members stay longer than the average fitness centre, a testament to both satisfaction and lasting behaviour change. We're not like other fitness centres that want you to sign up and never return. It's our mission to do everything we can so you get the most out of your membership.

Your First Six Months

By now, you've learned about the many programs, offerings, and facilities you can expect at the Reh-Fit. We know, it's a lot information. That's why we help you create a roadmap of your first year as a member. 

One-on-One Coaching

The very first thing we recommend you do is book your one-on-one coaching appointment. In this 30-minute session, one of our trained staff will work with you to set realistic goals and come up with strategies to make you feel comfortable and confident.

In addition, your coach will:

  • Talk with you about what you hope to get out of your membership
  • Help you decide how often to visit
  • Make recommendations for programs, exercises, or equipment to try 
  • Help you register for programs and book appointments, like your first Health and Fitness Assessment

A yearly coaching session is included with your membership.

Health and Fitness AssessmentĀ 

Your first assessment is designed to give a baseline of your current health and fitness level. This will give you insight into your own health — and provide our staff information they need to help make recommendations just for you. In addition, we can send your results directly to your family physician if you wish.

A yearly Health and Fitness Assessment to check in on your progress is included with your membership.

Nutrition Counselling

Proper nutrition has a huge impact on health and wellness. That’s why we’ve built in nutrition counselling as a key benefit
to Reh-Fit memberships.

A yearly consultation session with a registered dietitian is included with your membership.

Reh-Fit is my new favourite place to be ā — the facilities and staff are awesome and are helping me to find my way past barriers that have stymied many previous attempts to get fit and healthy!

- Jody E.
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