Fitness Classes

There's strength in numbers.

Studies show that exercise in a group setting leads to improved motivation, attendance, and better mood. Simply put, group fitness classes are a fun way to move and can have a big impact on our well-being, too.

Daily Class Schedule

Classes at a Glance

Our signature approach to group exercise gives you the tools you need in a welcoming setting. We believe there is a class for everyone. From beginners to seasoned athletes, our group fitness classes provide a wide variety in class type, style, and intensity.

If you're worried about joining a class that is too difficult or challenging, don't be. We empower each person to modify and adjust as needed - and will show you how to do so. We're here to help.

All group fitness classes are included with Reh-Fit membership.

Group Fitness Classes

Level 1

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Dedicated to new exercisers and those who prefer a slower paced class with basic exercises.

Simply Strength

A beginner strength workout using dumbells.

Core Balance

A class that will challenge and enhance your abdominal strength and postural awareness to help with balance.

Gentle Fit

This adapted class is perfect for all who prefer to do stretching and strengthening exercises from a chair.

Simply Stretch

A class designed to help release your muscles leaving your body feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Stretch & Strength (S&S)

A complete body workout focused on strengthening and lengthening the major muscles of the body.

Level 2

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Classes with modifications and intensity options to match your fitness level.


A great combination of cardio fitness and strength training for a well-rounded workout.


A focus on your cardiovascular system while moving at a slower pace to great music.

CSY (Cardio/Strength/Yoga)

Cardio drills, strength training, and yoga make this the perfect workout. 

Core Boot Camp

A fun and challenging cardio, strength, and core workout.


Indoor cycling — or spinning — on a stationary exercise bike for a cardiovascular workout.


Cardio training on the rower with the sound and feel of being on the water. 


A mix of row and strength training for a total body workout. 


A fun throwback to this classic cardio workout.

Total Body Conditioning (TBC)

Total body muscular conditioning workout that promotes muscle endurance, core stability and strength, balance, and flexibility.


Dance-inspired movements and awesome music to enhance your cardiovascular system.

Sculpt 45

A 45-minute head-to-toe strength workout using dumbells.

Level 3

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Classes designed for participants who are ready to take their fitness to the next level.

Bars and Bells

A 45-minute strength training workout.

Chisel & BurnĀ 

Designed to build strength, endurance and burn calories. Includes cardio, bodyweight exercises, strength exercises and finishes with core and stretching for a complete total body workout.


High Intensity Intervals of cardio, strength, power, and agility.


A combination of strength training and cardio in varying intervals.

Excellent variety of classes and equipment. Every single area of the building is absolutely spotless!”

- Denise W.