By Maddy Nowosad

In June, Reh-Fit Member and athlete Jennifer Adams embarked on a remarkable journey.

Known for her unwavering dedication and uplifting spirit, she ventured to compete on the global stage in Berlin, Germany. Not only did she compete, but she returned home triumphant, winning a gold medal in women’s doubles bocce.
For close to three decades, Jennifer has been involved with the Special Olympics community. With participation stretching back 29 years, the organization has shaped her journey as an athlete - “Special Olympics taught me how to eat healthy and train hard.”
Bocce, a sport that requires precision and strategy, is the heartbeat of Jennifer's journey, and the Reh-Fit Centre has been a place for Jennifer to hone her skills.
“I train at the Reh-Fit every day. I trained for months and months.”
When asked about her favourite part of bocce, Jennifer shares the significance of the sport extends beyond medals and accolades. For Jennifer, it's the opportunity to travel, rhythm of training, new connections, and the honor of representing Canada on the global stage.
Jennifer’s journey, from the Reh-Fit Centre in Winnipeg to Berlin, Germany reminds us that unwavering determination and the embrace of a supportive community can propel us towards our goals. We join in celebrating not just Jennifer’s gold-medal victory but the profound story of dedication, commitment, and passion for athletics she embodies.
The degreed health and fitness professionals at the Reh-Fit Centre understand the unique needs of athletes - those individuals who are dedicated to their sports, like Jennifer. Whether you thrive with the personalized guidance of our certified personal trainers, or prefer the flexibility of independent workouts with assistance from our fitness staff, Reh-Fit is here to support your path to excellence.