A powerful promise to stop starting over.

‘No more day ones’ are the words that inspired Miriam, one of our Reh-Fit members, 230 days ago (and counting) to get her body moving every single day. 

Miriam overheard David, a fellow Reh-Fit member, tell his story of ‘no more day ones’ at a Reh-Fit member appreciation event. The meaning behind those words? Every intentional behaviour starts with a day one. Perhaps it’s becoming sober or quitting smoking, but in this case — and for Miriam — it meant getting her heart rate up daily. 

“I was mesmerized by David’s story. I felt his enthusiasm. Something clicked. I was excited to start.” - Miriam

After hearing those words, Miriam started moving her body the very next day. She vowed to herself to never miss a workout — and it’s worked. (Although she would add her own “stubbornness” helped keep her going, too.)

There’s a catch. If you fall off the wagon so to speak, you have to start at day one all over again. David would be the first to let you know he had four ‘day ones’ in his first month of trying. He is now on day 315 and counting.

“I was just shooting for 100 days — it took forever to get there. This builds mental toughness that makes everything else easier.” - David 

Where did ‘no more day ones’ come from? David says he was inspired by a friend who is now on 1600 plus days and counting. It’s no surprise this movement has spread nationwide inspiring friends and family from Alaska to New Mexico to change their habits for good. 

“I believe in inspiring others and I always say that today I haven’t personally scored any goals, but I coached a team to score enough goals to win.”
- David  

For those of you who want to join the ‘no more day ones’ movement here are some helpful tips:

  • Get yourself a calendar and a big bright marker. Cross off each day you complete. A visual cue is a great reminder of your goals. 
  • Plan it out. Like they say ‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’. You need to carve out time for your new routine. 
  • Start small. And be sure to choose an activity you enjoy. Perhaps a full hour at the gym is a bit too intimidating right now, but what about 30 minutes of Zumba or Simply Stretch instead? Make it sustainable and you’ll be more likely to keep that promise to yourself. 
  • Give yourself grace. Even going for a walk around the block can be what you need to stay in motion. Grace is easiest to give when you allow yourself to take small steps. 
    Know that our Reh-Fit staff and Reh-Fit community is here to help and support you in your health journey. We’re here for advice, a variety of services, and to be your loudest cheering section. 

Change is hard, but repeat after Miriam and David: No. More. Day. Ones. If you fall off the wagon, get back up. Keep getting back up. Fall down seven times, get back up eight times. 

You’ve got this.