Patricia and her mom Evelyn have made attending the Reh-Fit Centre a part of their routine together.
In 2015, Evelyn had a cardiac rehab event and joined the Reh-Fit Centre with the program recommended by the hospital. After retiring from nursing at St. Boniface Hospital, Patricia started attending the Centre with Evelyn in 2017.
On top of her cardiac rehabilitation, Evelyn has a condition that requires her to walk regularly to maintain circulation in her legs. Coming to the Centre allows Evelyn to feel safe and supported by the staff who are always around.
“I appreciate the support and knowing that it is a safe place to take her to do the recommended things to rehabilitate herself. She has come a long way,” said Patricia.
Patricia is thankful the Reh-fit Centre provides her with mom a nice place to be active, particularly when the weather is challenging, and also appreciates the time they can spend to getting to know the other members of the Centre.
“She is a miracle. For people who don’t believe in miracles, my mom really is one considering everything that has happened to her and how far she has come," said Patricia.
Evelyn and Patricia continue to attend the Centre together as Evelyn continues her journey of rehabilitation.

Happy Mother's Day!