Morley and Mathew Shatsky have been dedicated members of the Reh-Fit Centre for many years. Morley became a member five years ago and finds the Centre a relaxing place to come after work.

“It’s a godsend for me to come here,” said Morley.

Morley attends the Centre with his son, Mathew who acts as his mentor in the gym. Morley explained coming to the Centre with his son has significantly strengthened their relationship.

Mathew has been coming to the Centre since he was thirteen years old (now 21). In high school, Mathew would spend hours at the Reh-Fit doing homework in the café, grabbing lunch, and using the facility to workout.

He completed his first year of playing College hockey just outside of Boston. The Centre has everything he needs to train and get ready and prepare physically for his next season.

Mathew attends the Centre with Morley when he is home from school in the late spring and summer months.“Coming with my dad is a great experience for us to spend time together because we both work during the day and I am gone during the school year,” said Mathew.

They appreciate the student rate the Centre offers because it allows Mathew to attend with his dad when he is home from school.

“We are grateful that the Centre has thought about students and he can come during the few months he is here,” said Morley.

Morley and Mathew appreciate the positive environment of the Reh-Fit Centre and always look forward to coming together.

“It has been a great place for my dad and I to come and it helps us maintain and build our relationship.”

Happy Father's Day!