" Hi Reh-Fit! I placed a membership freeze over the summer months and fell out of my fitness routine. After enjoying my summer I am ready to come back to the Centre in September but am not sure how to get back into it. How can I get back into a workout routine after being away for a few months?"- Reh-Fit Member


Reh-fit members commonly put their membership on freeze to head out to the lake in the summer or travel in the winter. When it comes to routines and habits, disruptions can create challenges to motivation and risk more permanent, and not always healthy, changes to lifestyle behaviours. Many people will plan to be active by doing chores, cutting grass, or going for a daily walk to enjoy a sunrise or sunset for example. However, as much as we can look forward to escaping to the lake or a destination, we don’t always plan ahead for our return! When coming back to cooler weather or reduced daylight, motivation can be harder to come by.

There are many options to support motivation. Studies have shown that using a log sheet to track your exercise habits is associated with better adherence to physical activity routines. Reassessing your goals and expectations to make sure they are realistic can also be helpful. Recruiting friends is another way to make physical activity more enjoyable, and help to maintain motivation. If you use a day planner or schedule, booking time to exercise or setting up a scheduled appointment might help with accountability.
Lastly, booking time with professional support can also help. Health and fitness professionals can use strategies like motivational interviewing to help amplify the motivation that’s already there…just buried a little bit. Fitness professionals can also offer guidance and advice tailored to your individual situation, which may be just the nudge that you need to get over a motivational hump. Wishing you all the best whether you’re returning to your former routine, or planning ahead for your next adventure!

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