Staying active and taking care of our minds and bodies is the secret to living, moving, and feeling better with age.

Now more than ever, it is important to maintain your health with physical activity and proper nutrition. What is ‘active aging’? How much weekly activity do older adults need?

Most adults – regardless of age – require 150 minutes of moderate to intense exercise per week. That means getting your heart rate up for at least 150 minutes each and every week.

But active aging is about more than exercise.

Like exercise, studies have shown that gratitude has a powerful relationship with health and well-being, both our own and of those around us.

When people have higher levels of gratitude, they tend to have lower levels of depression, better sleep quality, and more. In addition, they are better able to handle stress and are more socially connected. Two things we need right now.

With Thanksgiving around the corner and limited capacity to gather, we’re opting to celebrate a little bit differently this year.

5 Ways to Celebrate Active Aging Week

1. Get Active

As always, be sure to move your body for 150 minutes this week.

2. Pledge

Think about what you are grateful for. Pick up your gratitude pledge at the Reception Desk to enter in our Attitude of Gratitude Challenge for your chance to win great prizes.

3. Make Someone's Day Better

Make a donation of gently used footwear to our Canadian Footwear Fit Feet on the Street donation bin. Your generous donations benefit many non-profit organizations including Main St. Project, Mt. Carmel Clinic, and Siloam Mission.

4. Donate Non-Perishable Food Items

Make a cash donation or bring in a non-perishable food item to donate to our Winnipeg Harvest bin for their Thanksgiving food drive. Visit their website for the 10 most needed food items this season.

5. Celebrate

We’re excited to celebrate the spirit of ‘better with age’ with the launch of some brand new Reh-Fit gear — stay tuned.

Thanks for joining us to celebrate Active Aging Week! For more information, visit the Reception Desk.