Today, the Medical Fitness Association (MFA) announced it has chosen the Reh-Fit Centre as this year’s recipient for the 2020 Medical Fitness Certified Facility of the Year award. The announcement was made at the MFA Annual International Conference, held in North Carolina and broadcast virtually this morning.

This international award is presented annually to a certified medical fitness facility that clearly serves as a benchmark for the industry, and whose results others can emulate.

Bob Boone, CEO and President of the international association, stated that the Reh-Fit Centre was selected because it is an exceptional facility, noting the 80,000+ square foot open concept facility is particularly well situated for enhanced client safety in the era of COVID-19.

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Says Boone, “The Reh-Fit contributes significantly and consistently to the advancement of the medical fitness industry through its programs, services, and dedication to the well-being of its clients. It exemplifies a standard others should strive for.”

In June 2012, the Reh-Fit Centre was recognized as Canada’s first certified medical fitness facility, indicating that it met the highest standards of quality and service. There are only 45 certified medical fitness facilities worldwide. Today’s award places the Reh-Fit at the top of this elite group.

Sue Boreskie, CEO of the Reh-Fit Centre, stated they are honoured by the award in that it confirms that its approach to promoting physical activity and well-being is beneficial for Manitobans, adding the award demonstrates Reh-Fit’s unique approach especially important during the pandemic.

“We always say exercise is the best medicine for overall well-being. And it's the medicine we need right now.”

Image: Patricia Kloepfer, Chair, Reh-Fit Centre Board of Directors (L) and Sue Boreskie, CEO, Reh-Fit Centre (R).