In August 2019, Reh-Fit member Michelle Bergen was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. As a leading business woman, mother, wife and caregiver, Michelle knew she needed a change, a big one, especially if she wanted to keep showing up for others.

“It hit me like a ton of bricks. It was the wakeup call that I needed” 

Sick of feeling overweight and unhealthy, it was the first time, in a long time, Michelle decided to start showing up for herself.

The Start 

After her diagnosis, Michelle began to make Reh-Fit a part of her routine. She enrolled in a Pilates class and started to come to the Centre every day. 

“It was the only gym I felt comfortable in, there was no judgement or competition” she commented, “We are all here for the same reasons.” 

Michelle knew fitness was only one component of getting her life back. She quit drinking and smoking all together. She started to track her food and joined Weight Watchers. As a newly diagnosed diabetic, she took the time to research nutrition, through books and YouTube videos, to find out exactly what fuel was best for her body. 

By moving more and making healthy food choices, Michelle lost 50 pounds in six months. The best part? She reversed her diabetes diagnosis - although she still tracks her sugars to make sure she’s on track. For Michelle, this milestone was only the beginning. Her world had just started to change and she wanted to inspire others to do the same.   


In March 2020, COVID-19 hit and it felt like the world shut down. But Michelle didn’t give up. Determined to keep improving, Michelle quickly adapted to exercising at home using Reh-Fit Anywhere. She even picked up an Anywhere Fit Kit full of easy-to-use equipment to take her new routine to the next level. 

“It was strange to have the staff in your living room, but I really enjoyed it! I was trying new classes I never knew existed.”


Since reopening Michelle is at Reh-Fit two hours a day, six days a week. She’s happy to report she’s now down 80lbs and more committed than ever before to her healthy lifestyle. 

She says “I don’t track weight anymore. Weight isn’t the important factor, it's all about how I feel, I want to be 50 and fab!” 

Michelle’s Top Tips for Success: 

  1. Learn to eat well. Do your research and take baby steps. Similar to the Reh-Fit motto One Body for Life, Michelle says, “Your body isn’t a garbage can so we shouldn’t be treating it like one.” 
  2. Track everything. Documenting what you consume and how much you move can be empowering. Michelle started her Instagram account (@livewell_with_michelle_ww) for just that reason. 
  3. Just get here (to the Reh-Fit). Sometimes the hardest step is just the one that gets you out the door. “Fitness is huge. Even if you come here for just a half hour on the bike then you want to stay longer!” 
  4. Find your community. Maybe your community is at the gym or maybe it’s on a walk in your neighbourhood. Meeting people who have the same mindset with similar goals is really helpful. “The Reh-Fit Center is a community, a family that I am proud to be a part of.” 
  5. Get creative with your food. Michelle posts everything she eats to her instagram account. She reminds us that eating healthy doesn't need to be boring. All her recipes, a lot of them sugar free, are fun, easy, and enjoyable.

When asked how she stays motivated Michelle says, “I look in the mirror. I see how far I’ve come. People ask, “what’s changed?’ I say everything! I’m not done. My only regret is what took me so long.”

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