Your hips and knees were made to move, and when we sit around without exercising them, they can lock up, become tight, and result in discomfort. Our goal is to help you return to your favourite activities as quickly and painlessly as possible. This program focuses on lower body workouts, without using gym equipment, all to help you gain stability, strength, and an improved range of motion. 

You may be wondering if this program is for you and what to expect – well, we’ve got you covered! 

Who would benefit from our Happy Hip & Knee program? 

This program is great for individuals who: 

  • have hip or knee arthritis
  • are waiting for a hip or knee replacement
  • are post-op hip and knee replacement
    • with their physiotherapist's support that they are ready to move on
  • want strengthen their lower body muscles

What can I expect in the program? 

This four-week exercise program is is currently being offered virtually via Zoom.

Class starts with a 10 minutes warm up. The warm up may be done sitting or standing. Mini bands are sometimes used in warm up. After warm- up, we work on balance exercises for 5 minutes. After balance exercises, we do a variety of strength exercises for the lower body for 30 minutes.

Each exercise is demonstrated in a few different levels of intensity. We use body weight, dumbbells, bender balls and bands to strengthen our muscles. Bender balls and mini bands can be purchased at the front desk if you don’t have them. All exercises can be done without equipment as well. Strengthening exercises are done sitting, standing and lying on the floor or bed. If you are unable to lie down during class we provide alternative exercises.

This 55 minute class finishes with a 10 minute lower body stretch. 

Sounds like the program for me! How do I get started? 

Those interested in the program are encouraged to call us at (204) 488-8023 and we'd be happy to help! You may also register via your member profile at or email us at The program cost is $60 dollars for members and $90 for non-members. The next four week session will start early July. The program is currently online but when we reopen the program will continue as a hybrid model to accomodate those at the centre and those virtually.