As you know, the provincial government announced they will be lifting the mask mandate for indoor public spaces as of Saturday, August 7. While it is no longer a requirement, public health authorities strongly recommend the continued use of masks in public indoor spaces.

We have carefully considered the recommendations made by public health authorities and continue to recommend the use of masks at the Centre.

What you need to know:

  • Masks are required in common areas (e.g. while entering the facility, in locker rooms, and other common areas)
  • Masks are recommended during exercise, but are not mandatory due to enhanced safety measures such as safety dividers, spacing between equipment and in classes, exceeding recommended physical distancing measures, and adherence to the Reh-Fit Standard of Elevated Cleanliness and Sanitization to keep our community safe.

We continue to take a thoughtful and cautious approach to ensure all of our members feel safe and welcomed – including reassessing procedures as we learn more. As always, please be respectful of others while using the facility.

Please take the time to review our Quick Reference Guide before your next visit.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this together.