Fitness Programs

Setting you up for success.

Whether you're just getting started or looking for a program that will help you take your knowledge to the next level, there is a registered fitness program for you.

What's on

Getting Started

Orientation Programs

We strive to create a welcome and supportive setting so you can get started living a healthier, more active life. We're here to help with a variety of programs to get you started.

Functional Training Zone Orientation

This orientation will guide you through all of the equipment to leave you confident when using the Functional Training Zone.

Included with membership

Gravity Orientation

This 45-min class will go over safety, how to use the machines properly, and how to do a few basic exercises. Gravity Orientation is mandatory before use of the gravity machines.

Included with membership

Resistance Training Basics

This one-hour class will show you how to use six resistance training machines to work all major muscle groups.

Included with membership

Ride & Row Basics

This 45-minute orientation will show you how to use stationary bikes and rowing machines, setting you up to take part in group fitness class or use the machines on your own.

Included with membership

Weight Room Classes

Free Weights and Weight Machines

These classes are designed to orient you to the weight room, leaving you comfortable and confident to work out on your own.

Barbells 101

Learn how to use the barbell with proper for when doing squats, dead lifts, and more.

Included with membership

Cables 101

Learn how to navigate the cable machines. Change up your workout routine with this multi-directional pulley system.

Included with membership

Dumbbells and Stability 101

Learn how to incorporate dumbbells, stability balls, and bosus into your weight room workout.

Included with membership

Registered Fitness Programs

If you're looking for ways to increase strength, flexibility, and endurance, try out one of our registered fitness programs.

TRX & Kettlebell

Learn how to safely execute movement patterns with correct form and technique using TRX, kettlebell, body weight, and other types of equipment.

Registered Fitness Classes are exclusive to Reh-Fit members.

What to Expect

Please note that this service has been temporarily put on hold as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to serving you again soon.

The classes and instruction allowed me to work out safely.

- Len W.