Reh-Fit at Home

Thank you for your continued support through these ever-changing times. We’ve been working on alternative ways to bring Reh-Fit to you at home! We are excited to offer you some classes and resources below to check out from the comfort of your own living room. We will continue to do everything we can to support you in your health and wellness during this temporary new normal.


Reh-Fit at Home:

Level 1 – Dedicated to new exercisers and those who prefer a slower paced class with basic exercises.

Level 2 – Classes with modifications and intensity options to match your fitness level.

Level 3 – Classes designed for participants who are ready to take their fitness to the next level.

**Please contact a health care professional before starting any fitness program to decide if it’s right for you.

Bodyweight Exercises to do at home with Julie (Level 2)

Cardio Fit with Marci (Level 1)

Core Balance with Jen (Level 1) 

Short Standing Yoga Series with Kim (Level 1)

Gentle Mat Yoga Practice with Kim (Level 1)

Stretch & Strength with Julie & Jen (Level 1)

Total Body Conditioning with Jess (Level 2) 

Zumba with Darolyn (Level 1) 

Step Class with Marci (Level 2) 

Postural Corrective Exercises with Jess (Level 1) 

10 minute guided relaxation to reduce stress with Kim

Simply Stretch with Devon (Level 1) 

Stronger Hip and Knee with Shauna (Level 1)

Gentle Fit with Jen (Level 1)


H.I.I.T. with Marci (Level 3)

Stability Ball Exercises with Shauna (Level 2)

HiLo Aerobics with Marci (Level 2) 

Hard CORE Exercises with Jess & Olivia (Level 2)

Warm Up with Aisling (Level 1) 

Basic Stretch Cool Down with Devon (Level 1) 

Upper Body Workout with Gabe (Level 2) 

Lower Body Workout with Gabe (Level 2)

Kick Workout with Marci (Level 3) 

Stronger Hip & Knee (Using a bed or mat) with Shauna (Level 1)

Ride with Marci (Level 2) 

Treadmill Workout with Gabe (Level 3) 

Foam Rolling with Jess (Level 1) 

Chair Yoga with Jen (Level 1) 

Plyometric Workout with Jess and Olivia (Level 3)

Resistance Band & Bodyweight Exercises with Evan (Level 2) 

Ergonomic tips for working at home (Level 1) 

Online Activities:

  1. Sudoku 
  2. Solitaire 
  3. Crossword Puzzle

Education & Resources to stay updated on COVID- 19:

  1. Shared Health Covid screening tool:
  2. Govt of MB Covid updates:
  3. Health Links/Info Sante:
  4. EIM_Rx for Health_ Staying Active During Coronavirus Pandemic
  5. Help Next Door MB is a network of helpers coming together as a community :

Keep checking back for more as we continue to update this page.

Stay Healthy!

-The Reh-Fit Team